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Double Landscape
24 March 2012 - 03 June 2012
Author: Asilo Bianco Cultural Association
By: Giovanna Nicoletti

The breaking up of the “light” factor and the representation of that same light in an atmosphere that lends itself to enchanted contemplation are prerequisites for the artistic portrayal of landscapes. The mountains in particular helped to make this place, during the late 800s, a key location for investigating and seeking to define the multi-faceted relationship between man and nature. In Medieval symbology, which interprets this relationship as contrary to human space and man’s domestication of nature via gardens, the mountain represents what is real. Originally investigated with scientific and documentary care from the end of the fifth century, it acquired a new symbolic importance during the Romantic revolution: Segantini’s divisionism studied light within a pantheistic mysticism until the formal opening of the twentieth century, with Cezanne’s somewhat conceptual interpretation.

The central rooms of the Ameno Museum feature a stroll amongst the work of artists who were active during the end of the nineteenth century, ever intertwined and amplified by more contemporary observation and analysis. The themes of “backlit” expression used by Giovanni Battista Ciolina and Giuseppe Pellizza from Volpedo; “water” by Emilio Longoni; “snow” by Carlo Fornara; “presences” by Angelo Morbelli and Giovanni Segantini; “color” by Emilio Longoni and Eugenio Gignous; and “trees” by Antonio Fontanesi and Giovanni Fattori, become the pretext on which artists construct their marvels; the rooms in which the language of Franco Rasma, Robert Gschwantner, Marcovinicio, Salvo, and Arthur Kostner and the photographs of Gioberto Noro and Paola De Pietri artistically render the diversity of what we can perceive.

The natural landscape is used as a pretext for revisiting the figurative experience: a simplified representation of the soul’s motion together with documentation of the physical region.

List of artists on display:
Giovanni Battista Ciolina
Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo
Emilio Longoni
Cesare Maggi
Angelo Morbelli
Giovanni Segantini
Emilio Longoni
Eugenio Gignous
Antonio Fontanesi 
Giovanni Fattori
Franco Rasma
Robert Gschwantner
Arthur Kostner
Gioberto Noro
Paola De Pietri

The exhibit is open to the public Thursday through Sunday, from 3:30 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Double Landscape, 2012 Double Landscape, 2012 Double Landscape, 2012 Double Landscape, 2012 Double Landscape, 2012
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