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Green Heart Room

The Stanza del Cuore Verde (Green Heart Room) can be found within the Tornielli Museum, a window to the region between the Piedmont shores of Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore) and Lago d’Orta (Lake Orta).

The Green Heart Room was born out of the synergy that came out of the interaction between DA-A ARCHITETTI’s architectural creativity and a piece of artwork by the artist Johannes Pfeiffer. It was obvious early on in the large museum restyling project that art and architecture would need to work together to prevent the artistic intervention from being reduced to a summation of dedicated exhibitions rather than combining to become a complete project with united parts.

The room is styled as a sort of winding, irregular imaginary forest, with false acacia trunks similar to those that grow all over the Piedmont forests. A sort of fluorescent curtain closes over the grey and black walls, recalling the carbonization of wood.

Interactive devices in the rooms, both technological and simple, provide their users with much information about the region including scheduled events, scientific and artistic publications, typical local artesian products, and local food and wine.

The Green Heart Room contains artistic, spacial, and scientific synergies, bound together by the strongly focused regional narrative that combines art, architecture, and nature.

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